Feeling Sinister?

In Meeting Info on October 17, 2010 at 7:37 pm

Well, Haliburton Enthusiasts, it is yet again that time… We’ll be having another meeting this very Thursday, October 21! With all luck, we shall be meeting in the Senior Common Room (in Cochran and accessible from the A&A), a space most conducive to Literary Exploits. Once again, refreshments to be served.

Our theme for this week’s meeting is Banned Literature. We’re a bit behind the times on this one, as Banned Books Week was September 25 – October 2, but really, better late than never. Bring any excerpt from a book, play, novel, etc. that suffered at the hands of censorship to read and share! Hopefully Big Brother will turn a blind eye.

Here’s a list of the most commonly challenged books in the US from 1990-1999. You can also google “banned books lists” if you can’t find anything to suit your needs.

Once again, I am going to remind everyone in the Haliburton who frequents this blog (so just me, really) that we are still taking ideas of what to put on our WordPress to jazz it up. We really want this blog to serve not only as an announcement space, but also as a resource, if you will, linking to free online collections of literature (like the Gutenberg Project) or book reviews, or really anything you have! If you’ve written a review, we’ll put it up. I’ll bring this up at the next meeting so have some ideas!

As always, inform your unenlightened Frosh friends who were foolish enough not to sign up at Society Day! We have free wine and cheese, how can you go wrong, I ask you.


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